New This Year: Discounts for groups of eight or more..........

The Lätzsch Trombone Festival would like to invite your entire trombone studio. In exchange for bringing a group, each student will receive a €100 discount on either the Active Participant or Competition packages.

As an added bonus for bringing your choir, we will feature the choir on one of our nightly concerts in Heek or Enschede. These concerts feature our teachers, coaches, and other prominent musicians from the Netherlands and Germany. The inclusion of your choir would be a welcome addition to the Lätzsch Trombone Festival.

Group Discount Participant Competition (per student): € 100,-  
Normal Price € 650,-  |  Discount Price € 550,-
Group Discount Participant Active (per student): € 100,- 

Normal Price € 550,-  |  Discount Price € 450,-

Please contact the festival managers directly to organize details of the group discount.

Ben Cruiming - European, African and Asian based groups | PHONE: +31 6 54994420 | +31 547 388422 / MAIL:

Russ Zokaites - North and South American based groups | PHONE: +1 540 392 2581 | MAIL: